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FlexFund updates and options
FlexFund updates and options
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Step 3

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In the next section, you will find a checklist that serves as an indicator for the configurations that must be done once the FlexFund feature is enabled.

Note: By default, once FlexFund is enabled on your account, ISN will automatically create the following options simultaneously, eliminating the need for you to add them manually:

  1. FlexFund Fee

  2. FlexFund Control

  3. FlexFund Service

Follow these steps to help facilitate the smoothest FlexFund experience for both you and your customers.

To reveal or conceal content within each section, simply click on the respective section.

To ensure that your fee is correctly linked as a primary fee, follow these steps. This setup is crucial as the FlexFund fee will be incorporated into the primary fee and will not be presented as a distinct line item.

Here, you can switch to version 3 of the Online Scheduler, essential to visualize and use the new functions of FlexFund.

For additional details, please refer to the article titled "Online Scheduler v3 - Setup" by following the steps outlined therein.

If you need to enable or disable the FlexFund service in your order form, this is where you can include the FlexFund control. It's an essential step for managing the service effectively.

By default, once FlexFund is enabled on your account, ISN will automatically create the FlexFund control, you don't need to add a new FlexFund control; otherwise, the FlexFund integration won't function correctly.

Here, you can add the FlexFund column to your order grid, allowing you to track order statuses more efficiently.

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