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Setup the new Online Scheduler version 3!

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Before setting up your online scheduler, you’ll need to make sure you have availability set up for all of your inspectors. To do so, navigate to Calendar — My Online Schedule. 

More information regarding your inspectors' online availability can be viewed here.

*Important Note: Online Scheduler Version 2 and 3 are distinctly separate tools, and must be configured separately. Settings cannot be migrated between the two. When you enable the V3 settings via the office settings page, V3 overrides the embedded V2 Scheduler, so there is no reason to adjust or modify any current code, if present.

Note: Online Scheduler v3 updates are saved in real time!

OSv3 setup includes the following categories:

  • Settings

  • Order Form Controls

  • Input Fields for Clients/Agents

  • Contact Types to Display

  • Notifications

  • Website Integration

  • Services & Packages

  • Preview

NOTE: Select the desired category to display its configuration module.


The options in Settings determine your Online Scheduler's behavior. The various options affect appointment restrictions and data displayed for your online visitors.

Among the available options, we recommend the following be enabled:

  1. Block unscheduled inspections on the calendar

  2. Use Mileage Estimate Limitations

  3. Do not allow inspections to be booked for the next day when the time of scheduling is after 3PM today.

In this section, you can also decide what information to show or hide, and if you want the inspection to be scheduled after the Online Order is completed.

Order Form Controls

Select the ISN Order Form controls you want to display in OSv3 to capture desired subject property details.

Control Types are identified in the parenthesis right of the control names.

Selected controls are added to the column on the right side of the page where they can be selected, dragged, and sorted according to your preference.

Input Fields for Clients/Agents

Select the fields you want displayed for Clients, and Buyer's, Seller's and Insurance agents. 

Note: While an "All" selection is provided, we recommend you consider it carefully before using this option, because, depending on the number, and variety, of contacts you have in your ISN, it can result in a significant amount of information being required of your prospective clients and agents as they move through the online scheduling process.

Contact Types to display

Select the Contact Types, and associated contact data input fields, you want displayed.

Note: Your ISN Contacts are stored in a separate database than your Clients or Agents. You can create any number of specific types of Contacts in your ISN. More information regarding ISN Contacts is available here.


Customize the notifications, email templates, and recipients you want sent from your Online Scheduler when an order is confirmed.

Select a recipient checkbox to expand that section and configure the email template to be sent, and your preferred From Name and Email.

Notification emails are triggered when the online user submits their inspection order and is taken to the 'Order confirmed' page.

SMS text notifications are also available to be triggered when an order is started (as long as client info, subject property info, and order date/time are present) and when an order is confirmed.

Multiple email addresses and/or phone numbers can be entered in the recipient Email and SMS fields separated by a comma.

Website Integration

These fields provide HTML code snippets that can be copied and used to add your Online Scheduler to your website.

More information regarding integrating your Online Scheduler into your website is available here.

Services & Packages

Online Scheduler Services are similar to the order form in the desktop ISN. This is where you can create the services you want to offer to your prospective online clients. The Services area is also where you can create informational labels that can be used to provide greetings, instructions, and/or information to your online visitors.

Adding Services

Select the blue Add Service button in the upper left of the Services section to add your services.

By default, the interface will assume you want to create Services you will be offering to your clients. For best results, be sure to fill in all three fields: Name, Public Name, and Description. This will ensure your online visitors have a clear understanding of services they're requesting. Assign a private name (for internal purposes), a public name (this is the service name shown on the scheduler), and a description (an expanded description of the service displayed below the name).

The Public Name and Description will be displayed like this within the Online Scheduler Services section:

For example:

Now, you'll need to decide if you want an inspection type to be associated with a service (NOTE: if a selected inspection type is set to require a particular agreement to be signed then it will be required for this order. If you select an inspection type with an agreement you don't need to assign an agreement to this service).

Open the Inspection Type dropdown Menu and select the desired Inspection Type:

Continuing to the next section, the Visibility checkboxes allow you to determine if, and where, you want your newly created service to display the Online Scheduler and/or the Order Form:

Once you’ve filled out all of the necessary information hit Save.

PAC Service?

ISN has developed with Guardian Financials the Pay at Close feature. Selecting the Option "PAC Service?" on a Service you can determine if the scheduler can opt into the Pay At Close Feature:

To know more about the Pay At Close feature click on the next Article: Pay at Close FAQs


If you wish to add a Label for a visual organization of your services, click the Type dropdown menu and scroll down to Label.

Add a Name, Public Name, and Description (not mandatory). If you want this Label to be only visible in the Online Scheduler you can uncheck the "Visible in the Order Form" option.

Once you've got your Services and Labels created, you can adjust their arrangement by clicking and dragging their hamburger icons on the left side of the page:

This is how a label looks in the Online Scheduler:

Inspectors, Fees and Agreements association

You'll need to assign at least one inspector and one fee to each service you create.

Select the blue 'Assign' button in the 'Inspectors' column and select the inspector(s) you want to be assigned to the service, or use the Search box to narrow the displayed options.

Note: Inspectors assigned to Online Scheduler services will need to have their online schedule availability configured. Click here for additional online schedule information.

Select the Save button to complete your inspector assignments.

Select the 'Assign' button in the 'Fees' column and select the fee(s) you want to be assigned to the service, or use the Search box to narrow the displayed options.

Select the Save button to complete your fee assignments.

You also have the option to assign agreements to services (that don't already require them based on Inspection Type Association) using the same procedure as with inspectors and fees.

You can use Service Packages with multi-service discounts to offer your clients.

Select the blue 'Add Package' button on the upper left to begin adding package deals to your Online Scheduler.

Enter the package name and description, and select the green 'Add' button.

Once created, packages can be optionally set to active/inactive and you have the option to identify one package as your 'Best Offer', which will display text to that effect with a star next to it in the Online Scheduler.

Add Services to your Packages using the blue 'Add/Edit' button in the 'Services' column. Select the green 'Save' button to complete your service selections.

Note: The first service assigned to a package that has an inspection type associated, will assign that inspection type to the order when that package is selected by a client.

For example:

If you have the Home Inspection Service associated with the Standard Residential Inspection Type:

And that same service is the first one listed in the Services list (column) within the Package:

Then the Inspection Type on that order will be the Standard Residential Inspection.

Arrange your Packages, according to your preference, using the hamburger icons located on the left side of each Package:

Package Modifiers

Add discounted fee modifications to your packages using the blue Add/Edit button in the Modifiers column.

Creating new Modifiers
If you don't have any modifiers created, click the blue 'New Modifier' button in the upper left.

Then enter a Name for your modifier and a description if you'd like, and select Save.

Once you've created your modifier you'll need to assign fees to it by clicking the light blue show fees icon in the 'Fee's column for that modifier.

This will open up a section for you to add or edit specific fees. Hit the 'Add new fee' button to assign a new fee to this modifier.

In the modal that pops up here, click on the 'Fee' dropdown to indicate which fee you want to modify:

Then in the fields to the right you can enter information on how to modify the price by:
Split % (what percent to add or subtract from the fee)
Fixed $ (a fixed amount to add or subtract from the fee)
Sqft Start-End (set square footage ranges this modifier can apply to)
Age Start-End (set age ranges this modifier can apply to)
Sales Price Start-End (set sales price ranges this modifier can apply to)

Each fee can also be explicitly set to apply only for specific Inspection Types or Foundation Types.

Once you've added all necessary fees, click the green 'Save' button on the bottom right.

Note: Modifiers exist in one list and can be applied to multiple packages at once.

If you want to add multiple modifiers, click the toggle buttons to the left of any of your modifiers to turn it on for this package. When you're done applying modifiers, click the 'Save' button.

Try It Out

Your Online Scheduler saves in real-time! That means any changes you make can be tested immediately.

If you don't have your scheduler embedded on your website, scroll to the bottom of the Online Scheduler Settings area and click the 'Activate Online Scheduler Preview' button.

This will pop up an area where you can test your scheduler as it will behave on multiple devices of varying screen sizes.

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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