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Office Settings - Working with Other Applications

Office Settings - Working with Other Applications

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The ISN has a variety of other applications that we connect with. These include report writers, QuickBooks, Porch, and Google Drive, to name a few. In this article we will go over what each of these settings are and what they do. To locate these settings you can navigate to:

Settings -- Office Settings -- Working with Other Applications

  1. ISN Remote Manager: If you use the Remote Manager this is where you will find the settings to control your Footprint creation

  2. Alarm Leads: If you choose to connect with ISG Alarm Leads you can input that information here

  3. Secure24 (ADT): This integration will help you to enable the Secure24 Referral Program with an amazing benefit! Take a look at the Secure24 integration article

  4. Home Inspector Pro: If you are integrating with HIP Web Hosting, you will activate that here.

  5. 3D Inspection: This is where you will find integration information for the two versions of 3D 11.4 and 12

  6. Report Plus: This is where you can toggle on your InspectIt Report Plus Add On if you are using it as well as control the settings

  7. Report Host: Here you will find information regarding Report Host Integration

  8. HomeGauge: The information for HomeGauge integration is found here

  9. Tap Inspect: Information regarding Tap Inspect information is located here

  10. RecallChek: Clicking here you will find the sign in boxes for RecallChek as well as some options for viewing RC on the grid, order, and inspector's schedules

  11. InspectorLab (recently changed to PriorityLab): If you are using PriorityLab you can integrate here using your username and password. You also have the option of which Inspection Types to send to the PriorityLab Mobile App

  12. Air Check: If you use Air Chek to create the Radon Testing reports, the ISN can be integrated with this software in order to automatically synchronize the data.

  13. Facebook: You can add your Online Scheduler to your company's Facebook page!

  14. Dropbox: If you are backing up your ISN to drop box this is where you will get your Access Code

  15. QuickBooks: This button is where you begin the integration process with QuickBooks Online. The first step is connecting, then following the integration process

  16. Fort Reports: Here you will find integration information for Fort Reports

  17. InterNACHI Buy Back: If you are using the InterNACHI Buy Back program you will connect that here and then follow the link on the page to integrate via InterNACHI's website

  18. BuildFax: You have the option to use BuildFax to look up property information for your orders, you can toggle that on and off in this area

  19. Spectacular: This will lead you to instructions for Spectacular Integration

  20. Porch: In this section you can choose to enable and disable Porch offerings. If enabled you will be able to see exactly what benefits you receive and other packages they offer. Here you can also choose which Inspection Types are sent to Porch, as well as see the URL to your personal Porch Profile

  21. Survey Monkey: Instructions on how to build an email or SMS event template to send out with a Survey Monkey URL. You will also find a link to help design your Survey Monkey URL

  22. ISN Email Alarm Offer: This is where you can enable the email to your clients to offer them a home alarm system

  23. Local Alarm Leads: Here you can choose Local Alarm companies to receive leads from a drop down menu.

  24. ADT Security: If you are signed up for ADT alarm leads here is where you input your promo code

  25. Whisper Reporting: Information regarding WhisperReporter is found here

  26. Homeworthy: Information regarding Homeworthy integration is found here

  27. Horizon: Information for Horizon software is found here

  28. Palm-Tech: Settings for your Palm-Tech integration can be found in this area. For further instructions on the integration please click here

  29. My Report Writer: The guide to integration with My Report Writer can be found here

  30. HomeBinder: If you currently use HomeBinder you can find the integration here. We also have information on using HomeBinder within ISN

  31. RecallChek App Options: If you are using the RecallChek app this is where you will find the integration information such as inputting user name and choosing associated inspection types!

  32. Breeze: This company not only offers the equipment to perform the Radon Inspections, but they also have the software to control the radon inspection results. That data can be synchronized with the ISN via software integration.

  33. Home Owner's Network: To sign in, sign up, or learn more about HON you can click this box. If you are signed up and integrated you can also change your settings

  34. RadStar Alpha: Features modern communication tools and the ability to easily manage your radon testing business through a custom cloud portal known as the Radon Management Cloud.

  35. Perceptionist: Here you will find information regarding Perceptionist information such as your key and secret key

  36. Google Drive: When choosing to back up your inspection data to Google Drive you can go here to start the access process

  37. HomeHubZone: Information regarding HomeHubZone integration can be found here

  38. Imfuna: The guide to integration for Imfuna Report Writer can be found here

  39. Zillow: You have the option to allow Zillow to look up property information and photos for addresses you enter on the order form

  40. Genesis203K: If you use the Genesis 203K system, you can go here to begin the integration process, as well as get further information on the system setup

  41. Web Hooks: Web hooks are one way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps, for more information click here

  42. Inspector Nexus: It is a Report Writer that fully synchronizes the data from your orders.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in Chat, or email us at or call us at (800) 700-8112

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