RadonAway RadStar ISN Integration

This article covers integration with the Spruce RadonAway / RadStar

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ISN now integrates with RadonAway! Here we will go over the integration on both the ISN and RMC sides, as well as how to automatically and manually push the orders to RadonAway.

To Integrate:

Navigate to:

Settings -- Office Settings -- Working with Other Applications -- RadonAway

To enable you will first click the checkbox here:

This will allow you to select which Inspection Types and Services you'd like to send the information for to the RadonAway Mobile App and "Save":

The ISN integration is now complete, to integrate on the RMC side:

Pushing ISN Order Data to RMC

Automatic Push of ISN Order to RMC:

Once the RadonAway RadStar Alpha integration is turned on in your ISN account, ISN will automatically push the relevant data from the Orders that meet the Inspection Type and/or Services set up in your ISN Office Settings. While the integration is turned on in ISN, the data will push updates to the RMC every 2 hours for Orders that are within 1 week of the Order date.

Manual Push of ISN Order to RMC:

There may be situations where you want the ISN Order to be available immediately or when you need to make a change to an address in ISN to push to the RMC. In these situations, you can manually push a single Order from the View Inspection page in ISN.

To manually push an Order or Order updates to the RMC:

1. Go to View the Order you want to send to RMC

2. Click on the Actions menu to see Action drop down menu

3. Select Send to RadStar Alpha

4. You will receive a dialog asking if you want to send to RadonAway. Click Yes. You will receive a confirmation message that it sent successfully

If you have any questions, feel free to open a chat in your ISN, email us at help@inspectionsupport.net, or give us a call at (800) 700-8112
We're happy to help!

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