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Air Chek Integration and use with ISN

This article will go over how to integrate and use Air Chek with ISN!

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To first enable Air Chek you will need to complete a few steps on their end.

Send an email to with your Company Key, Access Key, and Secret Access Key. This will allow them to upload your radon test results as an attachment to your ISN order the moment the results are available.

Next the ISN side!

First you will go to:

Settings -- Office Settings -- Working with Other Applications -- Air Chek

After clicking, you will get a pop up. Here you'll get that key information just in case you need an extra reminder to send the information over to them!

After ensuring everything is all sent, you can click the "Turn on the Air Chek functionality in my ISN" checkbox, then "Save Settings".

Using Air Chek with ISN

Once you have completed the set up, an Air Chek button will appear under the "Actions" menu on an order:

You will then be taken to the form shown below where you can send test information directly to Air Chek:

You may fill out this entire form all at once, or come back later and fill in missing information.

Be sure you submit the information before the kits arrive at the laboratory. If you send test data to Air Chek after analysis, they may not be able to automatically reissue your report. In these cases, get in touch and they will manually reissue your report.

Accessing your Report

Your report will be uploaded as an order attachment typically the same day the kits arrive at the laboratory.

To view your order’s attachments go to the order’s information page. Then under the Actions drop down menu, select View/Upload Attachments.

If you need minor corrections made, they are allowed within a day or so. If you make changes and do not see the report attachment pdf updated, contact Air Chek and they will reissue the report.

If you have any questions about your ISN, please feel free to open a chat with us! Either on the bottom right corner of this screen, or in the upper right of your ISN!
You can also email us at or call us at (800) 700-8112.

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