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Create or Edit an Email Template
Create or Edit an Email Template

Step-by-step instructions on creating or editing an email template

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Inspection Support has a wonderful library of email templates to choose from, all of which can be edited to fit your specific business needs. The ISN also offers you the flexibility to create and edit your own unique email templates, and below are the steps to accomplish that!

Creating an Email Template

First, go to Email--> My Email Templates and click on Add Email Template.

A page (shown below) will open for you to begin setting up and creating a new email template. Each field is self-explanatory and text is required in each field.

The field named: Email Template Name is for your ISN internal use only, and the text that is inserted into this field will not be seen by your clients. Second, we recommend that your Email Template Subject be named properly and accordingly in order for you to have a high rate of email opening. Next, pick your email container (the email stationary) for your email template. Click here for additional information on Email Templates and Containers.

After you have given your template a name, a subject and chosen the container you would like to use, next decide if you want to have an attachment go along with your email.

Or possibly attaching a file you may have in your My Files & Folders. To know more about this feature click on the next link: Adding Files as Attachments to Email Templates

Now it is time to get to the style and text in your email. As with any email you have a multitude of styles, fonts, etc. to further customize your template. The ISN also provides you with replacement values to use within your email so that the system auto populates information directly from the inspection order form into your email. [View a list of the available replacement values here]

Once you have completed your new Email Template be sure click on the Save Template button!!

Your newly created email template is ready for use in an Email Event or Mass Email.

Editing an Email Template

Once an email template has been saved in your ISN, you can go in at any time and edit the template to fit your needs.

First, go to Email -- My Email Templates and click on the pencil icon next to the email template you wish to edit

Once inside the "Edit View" of the email template, you can make changes to your email template. Feel free to upload photos, change replacement values, or add/remove any verbiage from the template as needed. This edit window works much like Microsoft Word's editor does.

Once you have completed your changes, be sure click on the Save Template button!!

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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