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5/14/24 Updates
Written by Lindsay Grimm
Updated over a week ago


For the Guardian FlexFund program, we now allow customers to select the minimum and maximum order thresholds for offering the FlexFund payment option to their clients. Because Guardian charges ISN customers a fee for each FlexFund transaction, this allows you the flexibility to choose the dollar value range in which you want to offer this on the Online Scheduler and in the client agreement and payment flow. Go to Settings > Office Settings > FlexFund Options to set your min/maxes today. More information about this new feature can also be found HERE.

In Admin > Download Inspections > Advanced, you can now select multiple Inspection Types so that you can pull reporting on multiple inspection types into one report.

Updated Maps UI with new Google Maps markers.

Added a primary office property to our OData API so that Guardian can filter off the primary office when adjusting FlexFund metadata in ISN.

Made design updates to the Report Delivery Page to make it easier for your clients (and other parties on the order) to access their reports quickly. More details can be found HERE.


Fixed an issue where email template labels were appearing more than once.

Improved the functionality of the Google Sync so that it runs as scheduled and does not lead to duplicate orders on the calendar.

Fixed an issue to improve the way we present TCPA to clients under the Evergreen program


The engineering team continues to make upgrades to our system to help things run smooth and fast.

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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