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Updates to Report Download Page Design
Updates to Report Download Page Design
Written by Lindsay Grimm
Updated over a week ago

Note: this update only applies to companies who have opted into allowing Porch-branded messaging on their Report Download Page.

In May 2024, we will be making some updates to the design of the Report Download Page. The updates are intended to make the page easier for your clients to use, and to introduce an easier way for your clients to access their reports and other information about their home: Porch's new MyHome web experience.

We observed that there was too much friction for clients in downloading the Porch App and want to give them an easier-to-use web experience to help them manage all aspects of their home. Other users who aren't clients will continue to get easy access to inspection reports on the Report Delivery Page as they always have.

Here's what's changing...

In the old design, we put a lot of emphasis on downloading the Porch App.

In the new design, we are now asking users who land on the page to identify their role in the inspection. If they identify themselves as the primary client, we are giving them the option to download their PDFs directly on the page OR proceed to the Porch MyHome web experience via the blue button that says "Download Now". (Note: if they identify their role as something other than the primary client, they will only see the option to download the reports related to the inspection and will not see the option to visit MyHome)

Here is a screenshot of the new Report Download Page design using test data:

When your clients proceed to the Porch MyHome experience on their web browsers, they will be able to access their reports and - if they choose to do so - manage other aspects of their home like seeing recall alerts, entering information about their appliances, purchasing home improvement services, etc.

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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