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Adding FlexFund Fee per Inspection
Adding FlexFund Fee per Inspection

FlexFund Fee Per Inspection (to client)

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This article serves as a guide to assist you in setting up the FlexFund fee per inspection in ISN. This fee represents the additional amount you wish to automatically charge clients for each FlexFund inspection. Notably, this fee will be integrated into the primary fee and will not appear as a separate line item. Please follow the steps below for this configuration.

1. Access FlexFund Settings:

  • Initiate the process by navigating to the "Settings" menu.

  • Within the "Settings" menu, specifically, locate and select "Office Settings."

  • Once you are in the "Office Settings" section, please identify the subsection titled "My Office Settings."

  • Within this subsection, proceed to locate and click on the option labeled "Flexfund Options."

Path: Settings > Office Settings > My Office Settings > FlexFund Options > FlexFund Fee Per Inspection (to client)

2. Set the Fee Amount:

  • On the left side of the screen, locate the initial section.

  • Within this section, specifically, locate the subsection titled "FlexFund Fee Per Inspection (to client)"

  • Input the desired fee amount that aligns with the requirements of your business.

  • Click "Save."

Not sure what fee you should charge?

3. Utilizing the FlexFund Control Panel's Chart Section:

Within the FlexFund control panel, positioned on the right side, you will find a dedicated chart section. This chart is an invaluable resource designed to assist you in determining the appropriate charges for FlexFund inspections based on your specific FlexFund volume.

It's important to note that we do not disclose the FlexFund fee to your customers! This fee will always be seamlessly incorporated into your base inspection fee. To effectively utilize this chart, please follow these steps:

4. Customize Your Business Assumptions:

  • Modify the bottom row to align with your business assumptions.

  • Adjust the assumed percentage of inspections that will be submitted to FlexFund per month.

  • Specify the total number of inspections your business performs each month to generate a customized assessment.

  • Total Inspections Per Month: This column provides an estimated count of orders per month.

  • % Using PAC/FlexFund: Displays an estimated percentage of orders utilizing FlexFund.

  • # Using PAC/FlexFund: Shows the estimated number of orders utilizing FlexFund/PAC.

  • Fee to Charge for Each Inspection for Break-Even: In this column, the system automatically calculates the fee you should charge for each order that utilizes FlexFund. This calculation is based on the percentage of inspections potentially sent to FlexFund per month and the total inspections performed by your company within that month.

The final result is presented in the last line highlighted in green, within the column labeled "Fee to Charge for Each Inspection for Break-Even." This tool empowers you to make informed decisions about your pricing strategy for FlexFund inspections.

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