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Real Estate Dashboard: Introduction for Agents
Real Estate Dashboard: Introduction for Agents
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The RED (Real Estate Dashboard) is a minimalistic tool for the agents to interact with the Inspection Company facilitating communication and having access to the information of the inspections in real-time.

The RED main functions are:

  • Quickly schedule an order without having to fill in a complete Order Form.

  • View the list of all the inspections scheduled with that Inspection Company where you are involved as the buyer's agent.

  • Access to the inspection report files.

  • Preview a Sample Report to see what your client will receive at the end of the inspection (not all the inspection companies have one).

  • Update your personal information, biography, and photo for the report delivery page (we love helping you market).

  • One-touch access to the Inspection Company contact information (phone and email).

To open the RED, the inspection company will provide you with a unique URL from which you'll have full access to it.

This unique access will require you to create a password for security purposes. If you are having any trouble with that process, open the next link and follow the steps: CLICK HERE

In the next link, you will find the steps on how to add your RED URL to your phone home screen: CLIK HERE

How to Schedule an Order:

Once you have opened your RED, click on Order Inspection:

That option will automatically open a short form where you will only be asked for the Inspection Address, the Client information, and the Inspection date:

That's it! The inspection company will contact you later to get the rest of the details.

View the inspections:

If you as an agent are on the buyer's side, you can view the inspection(s) information as well as access to the report file.

To do so, click on My Inspections

There you will see a list of the inspection(s) scheduled with you as the Buyer's Agent. By clicking on the arrow on the far left side of each inspection you can open some more details:

You will be able to see the Inspection Report status, if the inspection documentation contains attachments, and if the order agreement has been signed and paid.

Update My Info:

The main benefit of updating your contact information and having your profile picture uploaded in your RED is that it will be visible in the report link when the inspection report is sent to the client.

Click on Update My Info:

To add or change your picture, click on "Change Photo". The information that you can fill in is, First and Last name, Email Address, Mobile Phone, and Biography (optional):

Once you have filled in the data, don't forget to save the changes.

If you have any further questions on how to get or use the Real Estate Dashboard, ask the Inspection Company for any details.

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