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How to Use the Calendar in Your ISN App
How to Use the Calendar in Your ISN App
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The calendar feature is very useful for monitoring the inspections assigned to you as well as an event that is specifically assigned to your inspector profile. However, the calendar also has other functions that we will cover in this article.

As you already know, you can create a new order directly from the calendar. In order to access the calendar you will need to open your ISN App and go to the home page:

Once you select the calendar icon, you'll see the Calendar options. You will be able to create a new inspection by clicking the purple icon "+New"

When you select that icon, you will access the ISN App Order Form, where you will need to enter all the inspection order information. For more details regarding those steps please visit the article: Creating New Inspections Using the ISN App

Another function of the calendar is to monitor your existing orders and calendar events. If an event or order is recently placed through the ISN Web app, probably it won't be displayed right away in the ISN App. That's normal, but don't worry you can manually push a sync by putting your finger on the screen and pulling all the way down until you see the arrow icon appear. Don't worry we know these instructions could be confusing so please take a look at the following video that will show you how it's done:

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, email us at, or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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