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Creating New Inspections Using the ISN App
Creating New Inspections Using the ISN App
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If you need to create a new inspection order directly on the field, it's possible using your ISN Application. It's very easy to create new inspection orders using your app.

First, you'll need to access the App directly on your mobile device. Once you open the app you will see the following home screen:

Make sure you select the "Create a New Appointment" option:

Once you click that button, you will see the main order booking options: Inspection, Ancillary Service & Other Event.

Please select the option "Inspection" which will open the following screen where you can enter the property address:

Note: You can also create a new inspection directly from the App Calendar, just access the calendar and click the option "New"

Both ways will allow you to create a new inspection. Then, simply follow these next steps:

Then, the system will ask you to enter the property details, such as size, property sales price, and year built.

The app will also ask you to select the inspector who will perform the inspection:

When you select that blue button "Add an Inspector" you will see the inspectors listed in your ISN:

You can choose one or multiple to perform the same inspection. After you select the inspector, you will now need to select the type of property:

The next step will be to select the type of foundation required for this inspection:

If an access code is needed to enter the property then you can choose yes and select the type of access code: Gate, Alarm and Lockbox followed by the code itself. If no code is required, please select No then next.

Followed by the services or packages requested by the client:

One of the most important aspects of every inspection is the duration. In the following screen you can determine how long time will it take to perform that inspection:

You can now select the date and time when the inspection will take place:

Then, you will need to enter the client information:

As well as the Buyer's and Seller's agents, if applicable.

After all that information is entered, it will be time to specify how much will you charge for the inspection. In the following screen, you can determine how much will the inspection cost and what fees will be applied:

Please be aware that fees won't be visible or available for selection when the app is in offline mode. However, you can still submit a new order while offline; only the fees cannot be entered in the order. After placing the order, you can edit the fee in the ISN web app or wait until the mobile device has internet access again to add the fee.

Finally, you will see a screen showing a summary of the inspection details

Once your order is submitted, you will see the next screen indicating it's all set:

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, email us at, or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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