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Understanding the FlexFund Configurations
Understanding the FlexFund Configurations
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In this guide, we'll delve into the essential configurations associated with FlexFund within your ISN account. These configurations empower you to tailor the FlexFund tool to your specific needs. Let's explore each section comprehensively

1. FlexFund Fees & notifications

A. Enabled FlexFund system: This option serves to enable the FlexFund tool within your ISN account. Additionally, from the same option, you can disable FlexFund in ISN.

B. Email Address for Status Notifications: Here, you can designate the email address where you'd like to receive notifications concerning the status of each order. These notifications encompass events such as order funding.

C. FlexFund Fee per Submission (to Your Company): This represents the fee your business incurs for each order submitted using the FlexFund system. Note that this fee is not adjustable.

D. FlexFund Fee Per Inspection (to Client): Specify the additional amount you'd like to automatically charge clients for each FlexFund inspection.

E. FlexFund Email Template and Email Event: This section allows you to preview the content of the email template and integrate the FlexFund email event into your ISN account.

F. Send an Email to Buyer's Agent about Closing Info: If your client lacks information about the closing company, this option enables you to notify the buyer's agent. Guardian Payment Processing will contact the agent to obtain the necessary closing company details.

2. Chart

This chart provides valuable insights to help you determine the appropriate charges for FlexFund inspections based on your FlexFund volume.

3. Funding Account

This section allows you to input your account details, which are crucial for funding purposes.

4. Getting Started

In the following section, you will find a checklist serving as a guide for the necessary configurations once the FlexFund feature is enabled.

By default, once FlexFund is enabled on your account, ISN will automatically create the following options simultaneously, eliminating the need for you to add them manually:

  1. FlexFund Fee

  2. FlexFund Control

  3. FlexFund Service

5. Services and Inspection Types

Customize which of your offerings are eligible for FlexFund in this section. Any changes here will be reflected both on your order forms and within your online scheduler.

With a clear understanding of each section within the FlexFund panel, you are now ready to commence the configuration process. Begin with the first step outlined in the checklist, moving toward seamless integration of the FlexFund tool into your ISN account.

To enable FlexFund, please refer to the following article for detailed instructions:

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