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Removing FlexFund from an Order in ISN
Removing FlexFund from an Order in ISN
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Certain prerequisites must be met before removing the FlexFund service from an order. One critical requirement is that FlexFund can only be canceled up until 7:00 PM Mountain Time on the date of inspection, which translates to prior to the inspector receiving funding.

1. Access the Order:

  • To initiate the process, access the order via the following path: Navigate to > Inspections > Scheduled Inspections

2. Initiate Order Editing:

  • Within the order grid, locate the specific order and then click on the circular icon bearing the letter 'ℹ' to view the order form.

3. Navigate to the Services Tab:

  • Proceed to edit the order by selecting the pencil icon ✎

4. Remove FlexFund Service:

  • Within the order form interface, navigate to the 'Services' tab. "Here, you will need to access the section where default service controls are assigned".

  • Subsequently, remove the FlexFund service from the list.

5. Save the Order:

  • After removing the FlexFund service, navigate to the 'Review' tab and ensure to click on 'Save and view this order' at the top to keep the applied changes.

6. Confirmation:

  • Upon removing the FlexFund service, it is crucial to confirm the complete removal of the associated service and the agreement from the order. To do so, navigate to the "Pay at Close" tab or the "FlexFund" tab. If the service has been removed correctly, a message will appear stating, "Pay at Close is currently disabled for this inspection order." This message indicates that the FlexFund service is no longer active on the order.

  • Click on 'Actions' and select 'View Order Agreement.' Verify that the agreement has been entirely removed.

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If you encounter any difficulties while attempting to remove the FlexFund service from the order, please contact the FlexFund support department for prompt assistance.

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Phone: 1(800) 608-7363

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If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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