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Introducing the All-New ISN Report Writer!
Introducing the All-New ISN Report Writer!
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You asked, and we answered - the ISN Report Writer is here!

It’s been your most common question and request over the years, and it’s certainly understandable. We heard you loud and clear and we’re thrilled to introduce you to our brand-new report writer!

What is the ISN Report Writer?

We first announced the ISN Report Writer at Inspection Fuel 2022 in Nashville, so some of you may already know what’s in store.

But for everyone else – and to provide more detail for those of you who’ve already gotten a sneak peek – let’s run through key aspects of the ISN Report Writer.

First off, the ISN Report Writer is a fully native report writer within ISN. This means it’s part of ISN and you’ll be able to both write and deliver great reports AND manage your business on the go, all from within the ISN web experience or the ISN mobile app.

More importantly, the ISN Report Writer is an INCLUDED feature within ISN - there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for ISN customers who choose to use our report writer.

What features does the ISN Report Writer offer?

We’ve worked hard to make the ISN Report Writer easy to learn and use, while pairing it with the same powerful business management tools you’ve come to expect from ISN.

With the report writer, you can create detailed, high-quality interactive reports with photos and videos to help your clients easily understand an inspection’s key findings and see issues with the property being inspected.

There are pre-loaded report templates for multiple types of inspections to choose from, including home, commercial, radon, mold, and condo templates.

You can also customize the pre-set templates we’ve provided as well as create your own templates that align with the way you actually conduct inspections. For example, you can add, adjust, or remove categories and line items to reflect the way YOU work – whether you always start with the roof, or prefer walking the exterior of a house as the first step in your inspections.

Inspectors can also use voice commands to quickly navigate around the various sections of in-progress inspection reports without wasting precious time tapping and scrolling through the details on their phones or tablets. (Super useful and safer when you’re on a customer’s rooftop!)

Additionally, the ISN Report Writer makes it easy for inspection teams to work together when inspecting the same site. So, multiple inspectors simultaneously working on different areas of the same property can sync their individual findings to the same report, so long as they’re connected to the Internet.

Another useful benefit of the report writer - you’ll be able to quickly and easily create a list of an inspection’s key findings via the request list builder feature.

All of this adds up to you being able to deliver comprehensive, easy-to-understand inspection reports your customers and real estate agents will love.

How do you get started with the ISN Report Writer?

New to ISN? Your first step is to sign up for a free, 30-day trial. You’ll then have two options for accessing the report writer - via the ISN web experience or the ISN mobile app, which is available in the App Store or Google Play.

Already an ISN customer? You have the same two options: Access the report writer from directly within ISN or download the ISN mobile app if you haven’t already!

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