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Enhanced Service Upgrades
Enhanced Service Upgrades

Services Upgrades

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ISN is happy to share that we have enhanced the Services Upgrade feature to allow your clients to select multiple upgrades at once. This should help allow for more flexible customization of what upgrades you offer your clients and agents, and make it that much easier for your client to add on additional items before signing their agreement.

Before we get started. If you haven't already set up Service Upgrades, please view this help article to get started.

Now that you have Service Upgrades set up, here is how things will look to your client with our new enhanced version. In our examples below, I have set up upgrades from my Standard Residential service offering to clients, and have added options to upgrade and add Radon, Radon + Mold, Mold, and 4 Point. Lets begin...

Upon clicking to sign their agreement link, we'll notice the same Show Upgrades option that you have seen before. The client will click on the Show Upgrades button as usual

From there, the list of available upgrade options will expand, and you will now notice a check box next to each upgrade option that you configured prior.

The client can now add a check box next to each service they would like to add on to their inspection. In our example below, we will be adding 4 Point & Mold to the inspection. My client didn't want Radon. As you'll notice, there is a check in each one of the additional services we have selected. Now we just click on the Upgrade Selected Services button

Once they have selected their services and clicked on the upgrade button they will see a confirmation window appear

Once clicking yes to please upgrade, the client will get a confirmation box to confirm the upgrades and then the page will refresh showing any additional agreements and the pricing will update. As you've learned in our other help article, you can also configure notification settings for when upgrades occur so you can keep up to date with changes being made.

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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