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Service Upgrades

In this article we will explain how to set up the Service Upgrades feature in your ISN

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When it comes to home inspections, it's very common that the inspection companies may offer different services for the client to hire them, however, either the client did not consider it necessary to have a service added to the inspection during the scheduling process or didn't know that the company offered that same service.

This is why ISN has the Service Upgrades feature that will help you to offer services one last time before the Agreement is signed!

How to set it up?

Under Settings Go to Office Settings and within the Inspection and Fee Settings section, click on Inspection Upgrades:

Now, by clicking on the Service Upgrades tab you'll see the +Add Service Upgrade button, open it:

It's time to create the Service Upgrades! This setup totally depends on how you would like to offer it, maybe according to the most common services selected together during the ordering process, your sales data analysis, or if you would like to launch and offer new services.

We will use a specific example to explain how it works. Let's say that you would like to offer the Radon service to the clients every time a Standard Residential Inspection is selected and the Radon was skipped during the scheduling process.

We will name/title the Service Upgrade "Standard Inspection With Radon", then in the "From Service(s)" section select the service from where you want to offer the Upgrade, in this example, we will use the Standard Residential Inspection:

Now, you have to search and select the Service Upgrade that you would like to offer in the "To Services" section, we are selecting Radon:

In the amount column you'll see two options:

Open Amount field that enables the Fee column dropdown: If you would like to offer a specific amount with a better deal for the client to accept the offer you can use this field, once you have set it up you will have to select from what Fee it will be reflected.

For example: If you have the Home Inspection Fee for $300 and selected it to have a Service Upgrade Amount for $75 calculated to that Fee, the Home Inspection Fee Total will be $375.

Use the upgrade service fees and default amounts check box: It will calculate the fee which corresponds to the Service selected. If you offer Radon for $80 the Service Upgrade fee for Radon will be the same $80.

NOTE: For each upgrade row/item (title), there must only be one service selected on the From and To Service columns, or else the service upgrade feature won't work. For example, if you want to offer the Radon upgrade to a client that has ordered the Standard Residential Inspection:

If you want to offer one service upgrade on all your services available, in the "From Service" column select the Any Services item, and in the "To Services" column select one service upgrade only. No matter what service is selected, that upgrade will be offered.


If you receive the next error message: "Please create at least 2 services AND make sure you have a "base fee" before attempting to create upgrades":

It will be necessary to set one Primary Fee in your Fees Settings. To do that, go to Settings --> Office Settings --> Fees:

If you have the previous interface of the Fees section, search for the Fee that you would like to set as Primary and check the "Primary Fee" box:

In the new Fees interface, search for the Fee, click on the Pencil (Edit button):

And finally, check the Primary Fee box:

Once the primary is selected, go back to the Service Upgrades settings and try again!

How the clients will see the Service Upgrades offer?

When the clients receive the Agreement link and click on it, they will be prompted to first Agree and Continue to certify that they are the actual recipient and/or the legal person that will be signing the Agreement.

After that, they will see a blue banner with the legend "Your Inspection can be upgraded" and a "Show Upgrades" button next to it. When clicking on that button they will see the Service Upgrades and they can choose the option to Upgrade.

The client can skip the Upgrade just by continue and signing the Agreement.

If they choose to upgrade, the Agreement and Fees in the order will be automatically updated:

The best way to identify that the client has upgraded the services is under the Inspection Order Notes, the system will create that log for you:

NOTE: If you want to offer Service Upgrades when scheduling the inspection using the Order Form, it's necessary to have the Services Control Tab enabled and then select the inspection services to trigger the Service Upgrade feature.

Click on the next link to know more about How to add the 'services' control to your order form.

If you notice a missing Service in the Additional Services control, then it might not be enabled to be visible in the Order Form.

To have the Service added to the Order Form go to Settings --> Office Settings --> Services and Packages:

And make sure that the Service is visible in the Order Form:

In the Services Grid, in the last column you should see if it's visible in the OS (Online Scheduler) and/or the OF (Order Form):

Remember that you can also create Upgrade Notifications. That way, you can be notified when a client adds an additional service through this upgrade feature. For more information about these notifications please click HERE

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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