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How to Add Time Off on the Calendar
How to Add Time Off on the Calendar

This article explains the process of blocking segments of time off on the calendar for yourself and other users on the account.

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When blocking a given set of time off on the calendar due to company meetings, personal days, or holidays you can block the availability in ISN to avoid being assigned to an inspection.

If you have the Company Calendar Access privilege enabled, you can block days for any user or more than one user simultaneously.

Adding time off as a user

First, open the Calendar by following the next path, Calendar > Add Event:

In the example below, you’ll find the steps to blocking time off:

It’s important to remember that you can set up how recurring this event will be, for example, you can set up “do not disturb” weekly meetings, or you can set up a time range for vacation.

The recurring options are:

Non-Recurring = One time event (appointment, day off, personal day)

Daily = Recurring from the scheduled date to a finish date defined in the “Recurring Until” field

Weekly = Recurring event for the same weekday defined in the “Start Date” to the “Recurring Until” date, i.e:

If the start date is on a Wednesday, then the event will be recurring every Wednesday until the “Recurring Until” date:

Monthly = This event will be recurring monthly from the day of the month selected, i.e. if the “Start Date” is December 12th, then the next event will be on January 12th and so on.

Quarterly = Same as the Monthly recurring event but the event will be repeated every four months from the “Start Date”.

Yearly = The event is repeated on the same day and month of the “Start Date”.

FYI: The “Recurring Until” date will define the frequency of when that event is going to be repeated. This applies for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly events.

Once you have set up the event be sure to click “+ Add Event

Then, you will see the event scheduled on your calendar!

To open the calendar go to Calendar View Calendar

Or, you can click on the “View Calendar” shortcut in the main ISN Menu:

Locate the Event date to confirm it was successfully scheduled:

Adding Time Off for multiple Users

As mentioned before you can only schedule events for other users if you have the Company Calendar Access privilege enabled.

This process works the same as scheduling events for one User, the only thing that changes is that you can select other users, individually or simultaneously.

If you are scheduling an event for a single user, open the “For” drop-down menu and select the user (from there you can also select All Users or All Inspectors, depending of the type of the event):

If you want to select more than one user or inspector, click on the "Add multiple" option next to the “For” dropdown to check the boxes of the recipients.

After adding the time off details you then can select if it’s going to be a recurring or a single event. This event will be visible in the users’ calendar view.

NOTE: The Calendar view used in the examples are the Agenda Calendar, if you are using the Scheduling Calendar, the scheduling process doesn't change. The only difference is that your calendar view will appear like this:

If you have any questions about this information please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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