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Porch Coverage Requirements/Sponsored ISN Fees.
Porch Coverage Requirements/Sponsored ISN Fees.

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At the moment, the Inspection Support Network pricing structure is as follows:

  • $7.25/inspection for the first 50 inspections

    $5.50/inspection for the next 50 inspections up to 100

    $3.75/inspection for all inspections over 100

One great offering provided by Porch is inspection fees may be taken care of by Porch! This is a great way to save and assist your clients at the same time!

In order for inspections to be sponsored by Porch, they are required to be:

1.- Sponsored ISN Fees option must be checked under Porch Settings

2.- Order Inspection Type must be selected under Settings > office settings > Porch - Inspection Types. These inspection types will be the ones that will always send their client info to Porch (You can also manually submit orders to Porch).

3.- Agreement must be Signed and TCPA Accepted

4.- The Client must not be Opted out of Porch

5.- The Order must include the complete Client's name, email address, and phone number. (Without this information Porch will not be able to sponsor the order's fee)

6.- The Order must be marked as Completed (signed, paid, and complete)

7.- Inspection Report must be Completed

With this said, If you have any questions about the Porch Sponsorship or believe an inspection should have been covered by Porch, please send an email to

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