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Setting Up Packages with FlexFund in ISN
Setting Up Packages with FlexFund in ISN
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Packages with FlexFund are a fantastic option because they let clients choose multiple inspection services in their order. The cool part is that FlexFund is already included as a service in the package. So, clients won't have to pay for the inspection up front; payment happens smoothly during the closing process, in this article, you will discover how to configure Packages & FlexFund.

The FlexFund feature is only available when using Guardian as your payment processor. If you have a Guardian account and you are interested in activating FlexFund, for additional details, please refer to the article titled "How to enable FlexFund from ISN" by following the steps outlined therein.

1. Accessing Package Settings:

  • To begin, navigate to "Settings" > "Office Settings" > "Inspection and Fee Settings" > "Services & Packages."

2. Adding a New Package:

  • Click the blue "Add Package" button located in the upper left corner. This will enable you to create package deals for your Online Scheduler.

3. Defining Package Details:

  • Enter the package name and description.

  • Click the green "Add" button to confirm your package details.

Note: You can later mark packages as active/inactive and designate one package as your 'Best Offer,' which will display special text along with a star in the Online Scheduler.

4. Including Services in Packages:

  • Add services to your packages by using the blue "Add/Edit" button in the 'Services' column.

  • After selecting services, save your service selections by clicking the green "Save" button.

  • Ensure that you include the FlexFund service in the package. The FlexFund service will be automatically generated in your account once FlexFund is activated. Do not attempt to create a new service named "FlexFund."

Note: The first service assigned to a package with an inspection type will assign that inspection type to the order when the package is selected by a client.

5. Organizing Packages and Services:

  • Arrange your packages and services according to your preferences. Use the hamburger icons on the left side of the page for packages and the hamburger icons in the Services column for services.

Please click on the video to make it larger.

6. Applying Discounted Fee Modifications:

  • Add discounted fee modifications to your packages using the blue "Add/Edit" button in the 'Modifiers' column.

  • Activate modifiers for specific packages by toggling the buttons to the left of each modifier.

  • After applying modifiers, save your settings by clicking the green "Save" button.

7. Creating New Modifiers (if needed):

*If you need to create new modifiers:

  • Click the blue "New Modifier" button in the upper left.

  • Provide a name and, optionally, a description.

  • Save the modifier by clicking the green "Disk" icon.

8. Assigning Fees to Modifiers:

  • Click the blue "Show Fees" button in the 'Fees' column for the modifier.

  • Add a new fee to the modifier by clicking the blue "Add Fee" button.

  • In the fee configuration modal:

    • Select the fee you want to modify from the 'Fee' dropdown.

    • Specify how the price should be modified using options like Split %, Fixed $, Sqft Start-End, Age Start-End, or Sales Price Start-End.

    • Optionally, restrict the fee to apply to specific Inspection Types or Foundation Types.

  • Save the fees by clicking the green "Save" button.

Note: Modifiers exist in a unified list and can be applied to multiple packages.

Please click on the video to make it larger.

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