The Pay at Close feature is only available when using Guardian as your payment processor. If you have a Guardian account and you are interested in activating Pay-At-Close, please contact:

GUARDIAN: 1-800-608-7363

For more information please visit: Pay at Close FAQs

If you already have a Guardian account and Pay-At-Close activated please follow the steps below for setup.

How To set up packages with Pay-At-Close in your ISN

  1. First, navigate to Settings > Office Settings > Inspection and Fee Settings > Services & Packages.

2. Select the blue 'Add Package' button on the upper left to begin adding package deals to your Online Scheduler.

3. Enter the package name and description, and select the green 'Add' button.

Note: Once created, packages can be optionally set to active/inactive and you have the option to identify one package as your 'Best Offer', which will display text to that effect with a star next to it in the Online Scheduler.

4. Add Services to your Packages using the blue 'Add/Edit button in the 'Services' column. Select the green 'Save' button to complete your service selections.

Note: Remember to include the Pay-At-Close service in the package, this service will be automatically created in your account as soon as Pay at Close is activated in your account. Do not try to create a new service called "Pay-at-Close".

Note: The first service assigned to a package that has an inspection type set, will assign that inspection type to the order when that package is selected by a client.

Arrange your Packages, according to your preference, using the hamburger icons on the left side of the page, and the Services within your Packages using the hamburger icons in the Services column.

5. Add discounted fee modifications to your packages using the blue Add/Edit button in the Modifiers column. Click the toggle buttons to the left of any of your modifiers to turn it on for this package. When you're done applying modifiers, click the green 'Save' button.

Creating new Modifiers

If you don't have any modifiers created, click the blue 'New Modifier' button in the upper left. Then enter a Name for your modifier and a description if you'd like, and hit the green 'Disk' icon to the right side of the description field.

Once you've created your modifier you'll need to assign fees to it by clicking the blue 'Show Fee's button in the 'Fee's column for that modifier.

This will open up a section for you to add or edit specific fees. Hit the blue 'Add Fee' button to assign a new fee to this modifier.

In the modal that pops up here, click on the 'Fee' dropdown to indicate which fee you want to modify.
Then in the fields to the right, you can enter information on how to modify the price by:
Split % (what percent to add or subtract from the fee)
Fixed $ (a fixed amount to add or subtract from the fee)
Sqft Start-End (set square footage ranges this modifier can apply to)
Age Start-End (set age ranges this modifier can apply to)
Sales Price Start-End (set sales price ranges this modifier can apply to)

Each fee can also be explicitly set to apply only for specific Inspection Types or Foundation Types.

Once you've added all necessary fees, click the green 'Save' button on the bottom right.

Note: Modifiers exist in one list and can be applied to multiple packages at once.

How Packages & Pay-At-Close work

What are Packages?

Packages are groups of services you can offer to your clients through the Online Scheduler. They can make it easier for you to bundle your offerings and provide discounts.

Packages with Pay-At-Close will allow your client to choose more inspection services in their order and since PAC is added as a service in the package the client will not pay for the inspection yet but will pay for it during the closing process.

Guardian funds inspectors up front for their inspection fees and takes care of collecting payment from the client. The inspector gets paid no matter what – even if the sale of the house doesn’t make it to close.

What happens after you create Packages with Pay-At-Close

The Guardian Pay-At-Close (GPAC) feature seamlessly integrates with your ISN software. Here are the steps in the process:

1- Offer Guardian Pay at Close (GPAC) Free on every inspection or package. You will be provided with a recommended fee structure to help offset the $75 fee from Guardian.

2- The inspector receives a flat fee from Guardian ($75) for each inspection that opts into GPAC.

3- ISN keeps track of GPAC inspections (same reporting as other ancillary services).

4- ISN automatically pushes relevant data to GPAC agreement that is signed by your client.

5- Your client adds the title company information, credit card (backup payment) and signature.

6- ISN marks inspection as paid.

7- The report is unlocked when sent to the client (same as when paying by credit card).

8- The inspector gets funded for the full inspection amount up front (minus the GPAC fee).

Need more help?

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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