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Coming soon to the ISN mobile app: FastSearch, Time Clock, & MapIt
Coming soon to the ISN mobile app: FastSearch, Time Clock, & MapIt
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At ISN, we’re always on the lookout for ways we can make it easier for home inspectors to run lean and maximize profits.

To that end, we expect to be adding additional features and functionality to the ISN mobile app over the next few months, all of which will make it easier for inspectors to manage their businesses while they’re on the go.

Some of those features include:

  • Fast Search feature - Allows inspectors to search for orders, agents and clients quickly and easily

  • Time clock feature - Allows inspectors to keep track of how many hours they or members of their inspection team have worked, much like how a time card functions

  • MapIt feature - Gives inspectors a bird’s eye view of where their upcoming inspections are located

Additionally, we will add functionality tailored to office managers and inspection business owners. There will be a new section of the ISN mobile app that gives them insight into how the business is performing, including:

  • Data such as revenues and fees so owners can understand the financial health of their business

  • Inspection counts, so owners can keep tabs on the productivity level of their business

Today’s mobile app enables inspectors to complete everyday tasks quickly and easily - tasks such as creating and editing an inspection order, viewing a calendar of upcoming appointments, and sending reminders and links to clients via SMS. These new features will make the ISN mobile app an even more powerful companion to today’s ISN web experience.

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