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This article will show you how to take advantage of the Time Clock tool

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Before getting started, make sure you have the Time Clock tool enabled. For help on that, see our article here.

The Time Clock feature allows an ISN to keep track of how many hours an inspector has worked, much like how a time card functions.

You can access the Time Clock feature for Inspectors by going to Tools -- Time Clock

To create a new Time In log, you can click the green 'Clock In'.

This will then clock in that inspector for the day. You will see the entry for the "In" field in the log below.

You can factor in lunch breaks as well via the Time Clock page. Once an Inspector has clocked in, at any point they can select "Start Lunch".

This will then change to "Stop Lunch". Whenever they have finished lunch, they hit that button to end the lunch clock. This will no be reflected in the "Lunch Start" and "Lunch Stop" fields in the log below.

If an Inspector is done for the day, they simply click "Clock Out". This will end the log for the day and updates the "Out" section. 

If at any point, an entry needs to altered, a user with the Owner privileges can edit or delete the entry. Please note that these buttons will not be shown if the user doesn't have the proper privileges.

All time clock reporting is found under Reports -- My Reports -- Miscellaneous -- Time Clock

If you have any doubts or questions about this process please let us know!

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