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"View Sent Email" Feature found in the Order's Action Menu
"View Sent Email" Feature found in the Order's Action Menu

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to access and use the sent the view sent email feature.

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The “View Sent Emails” feature found inside each order's "Actions" button allows you to view a list of emails sent within a particular order, along with the status so you can quickly tell if and when a customer has opened your email.

Compared to a similar feature also titled "View Sent Email" found in the main ISN menu "Email" this new feature allows you to view only the emails related to the inspection order in question.

To access this feature, simply click on the blue "Actions" button on the view order screen within any order, and select "View Sent Email" as shown below:

Once you click "View Sent Emails" you will find all sent emails related to the order including reports sent, invoices, templates, events, etc. Related to the order that you are reviewing.

Information such as the delivery date & time, sent date & time, and email status (bounced, opened, etc.) will be displayed on the grid as shown above.

As you can see, there will be many different columns in this feature that will help you determine critical information about the emails sent in one specific order.

The first column on the left side is titled "Sent On" and it will display the date and time of that email record. It will also show you whether that email was sent manually by a user or sent by an email event like the example below:

If you would like to view the actual message that was delivered to your recipient, simply click the blue (i) icon.

A new window will appear with the actual email. You will see the container, the template, and you can even click on the links (Agreement, Payment, Invoice, etc) to make sure that they are working as expected:

Another very good indicators are the columns From & Recipient. In the From column, you will be able to review who was the sender of that email. Whether it was the default email address pre-configured for your email events or the email address of a user (in case that email was manually sent).

The column Details will display information about the email template and event. In this indicator, you can identify what was the email template used in order to determine the content as well as the email event. This will give you more visibility and easily identify where is the email coming from (settings wise).

Going back to the Sent Email section, there's a very important column that you have to know about, it's the Delivery Status.

In that column, you will see when the email was delivered if it was opened and if there was any delivery issue.

For example, in the image below there's an email event that was Bounced, which means that the email was rejected somewhere between the ISN server and the recipient's server.

In this case, it bounced because the mailbox is unavailable, meaning that the email address does not exist.

There can be many reasons why an email event is bounced:

  • The email address is not correct

  • The recipient's server has a high-security filter for incoming emails

  • Your domain does not have granted ISN the permission to send emails on their behalf.

But let's not break our heads on this situation, if you notice that an email is bouncing and you have confirmed with the recipient that the email address is correct, give us a call to look deeper into this type of situation.

You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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