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Services - Ancillary vs Service for OSV3
Services - Ancillary vs Service for OSV3

This article provides the steps to distinguish an ancillary service from your standard services.

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For Online Orders if there are inspectors in your ISN who perform specific services such as Termite or Radon inspections, you can create a distinction between primary and ancillary services so the applicable inspector is chosen for the order. The feature is exclusive to Online Scheduler Version 3 (OSV3), here's how to enable that version: Online Scheduler v3 - Setup

The Ancillary Service type, tells OSV3 that "these services are always add-ons."

Creating new services as Ancillary Service, and enabling the Require select at least one primary service before adding any ancillary services to the cart option in Online Scheduler V3 Settings, allows them to only be selected after a "Service" has already been selected, and helps the system filter more efficiently. It also allows the OSV3 to offer more accurate availability when displaying the calendar first.

Navigate to Settings -- Office Settings -- Inspection and Fee Settings -- Services and Packages -- Add Service. 

By default, the system will assume you want to create Services as it is the first option. When creating the new service you'll click the drop down menu to label the service as Ancillary instead of a standard Service. Be sure to fill in all three fields: Name, Public Name, and Description. This ensures your online visitors have a clear understanding of the service they're requesting. 

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