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The goal of the ISN email event system is to provide an incredibly intelligent way of sending emails to your customers in a predictable and consistent fashion. What the email event system does is provide your company a way to “set it and forget it!” When we originally designed the email event system we created a blanket of rules to provide a "sending window" for every email.

The "sending window" is a 30 minute window of time in which the email can be sent. When an email event matures and is ready to be sent it is checked against its "sending window." If the current time is valid inside the sending window the email is released and sent. Here is an example to illustrate the sending window:

First, let us assume we only have one email event: a 24 hour reminder email event which sends an email 24 hours before the date / time of the inspection. Also, let us assume we are scheduling two inspections and it is currently 1PM in the afternoon on Tuesday:

The first inspection is for 3PM on Wednesday (or 26 hours in the future).

The second inspection is for 10AM on Wednesday (or 21 hours in the future).

Both email events are setup to be sent when the inspection is placed on the calendar (when the order form is completed). The first reminder for inspection one (for 1:15PM) is completely valid and will be sent in two hours or when the event's "sending window" is valid. The second inspection, however, will create an email event that should have been sent at 10AM today (which was in the past). Thus, the email event"s "sending window" is not valid. Because the event's "sending window" has expired it is placed On Hold and not sent.

The idea of placing an event On Hold stops the system from sending emails which are no longer valid. For example, if you ever get a call to do an inspection in a few hours there is no reason to send a 24 hour reminder email and the concept of the "sending window" will prevent this from happening.

If you ever wonder why the ISN placed an email event On Hold - know that it probably fell outside the "sending window."

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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