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Happy Birthday - Agent

This article with help you send a Happy Birthday email to your agents.

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This article will walk you through steps to send your agent a happy birthday email.
The first thing you need to do is decide what email template you are going to send them. For your convenience we have an email template already developed for you in our Get Templates and Containers Library.  This link will give you directions on how to add it to your My Email Templates area, within your ISN.

If you prefer to make your own Happy Birthday email , you can do that too. This link will help you build your own template.

Now that you have decided what you want to send your agent, we need to help you get it out to them.
Please follow the directions below.
First go to Client / Agents --- Agents ---- Agents

Next, find the agent who is having the birthday. You can do this by searching out their name. 

Once you have found the agent you are looking for, click on the edit pencil to the left.

Now scroll to the bottom and find  Show More Information and click it. 

Next you will want to view the orders that your agent has been involved in. On the right it will tell you if your agent was a buyers or sellers agent (see #1 below)  You will need to know this information so you can associate the correct email template. Once you pick an order click on the icon on the left to view the order (see#2 below) 

This will take you into the order.  Click on the Actions drop-down and then on Send Email Template. 

From the Send Email Template drop-down pick which email you want to send.  You may have many templates to choose from or only one. This is something we covered in the beginning of this article. (see above) 

Once you have decided which template to send. Click on the To option for the agent.  At the bottom, you can preview to verify the correct name was put in.  Then send selecting "Send Email Template".

This is what the preview may look like.  Below is the birthday Container and Template from within the ISN library at Get Templates and Containers

Now that we have walked through the process of how to send your agents a Happy Birthday. You will want to make sure to find out when their birthdays are, and add the information to the Agent's profile. That way ISN can remind you when it's someone's special day.  A good place to uncover this information is Facebook.  

Want to run an Agent Birthday Report... Click here to learn how.

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