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Mass Email Info & Termination Rules
Mass Email Info & Termination Rules

About Mass Emails and why ISN terminates a mass email

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When the sending time arrives for your mass email one of our technicians will review your email to make sure it conforms to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 which you can read more about online.

When your email is approved it is placed into our ISN Sending System.  We move the email out to your recipients through one of our six email end-points.  We do this systematically and methodically so receiving email servers do not flag your email as SPAM.  Depending on an assortment of settings and configurations an email to 1000 individuals may take anywhere from 36 minutes to 3 hours.

After the sending begins you will see updates in your ISN regarding the progress of the sending, the number of emails which were opened and the number of emails which bounced and / or rejected.  You can read more about email bounces and rejections online as well.;

My email is not sending?!?
The ISN Mass Mail system is designed to send a specific number of emails each hour.  If your email is not actively sending it is waiting in line to be sent.  We actively send emails on ISN Monday through Friday 8AM EST to 8PM EST and during weekends from 8AM EST to 6PM EST. Please note, Mass Emails are not verified and approved on major national holidays such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

So, why do you terminate a mass email?
Emails sent via the mass email system of ISN fall under the same industry rules as other email engine systems (MailChimp, iContact, ConstantContact and more).  The community created a list of acceptable thresholds for SPAM reports, bounces and content blocks.  Additionally, we are required by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and anti-spam organizations to enforce these established thresholds and suspend the mass emailing of an account in order to prevent further issues.  ISN is registered for something known as a “feedback loop” with the major ISPs so we are instantly aware of SPAM-rated messages coming from ISN.  Thus, any mass email which crosses any of the thresholds will be terminated:

> 1% SPAM reports - (recipients clicking “SPAM”)

> 2% content blocks - (content which is blocked by the provider)

> 3% email bounce rate - (bad email addresses)

If you regularly have mass emails terminated due to compliance your mass email privileges inside of ISN will be removed by policy.  Most of the emails sent by ISN are transaction email events: sending agreements, reminders, confirmations and reports. We view the delivery of these types of email to be of utmost importance and we desire to maintain our “great sender” rating.  To maintain these ratings ISN is required to enforce a termination policy on the mass mail system.

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