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Deleting Unwanted or Unused Email Events and Templates
Deleting Unwanted or Unused Email Events and Templates

This article shows you how to remove email events and email templates from your ISN

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If you would prefer not to see "email event disabled" on all of your orders

OR do not want to scroll through a long list of email templates you never use to get to the ones you do, you have the ability to delete them!

You can easily delete these to clean up your lists. Please note, that you are not permanently getting rid of or deleting them, and they can be located in Get Templates and Containers should you ever decide you want to use them in the future!

To remove the "email event disabled" simply go up to Email -- Email Events and click on the trashcan icon.

To delete unwanted or unused email templates go to Email -- My Email Templates and follow the same steps. Click on the trashcan icon. Go through, page by page until you have eliminated all the templates not being used.

These and other email templates AND containers can always be found by going to Email -- Get Templates and Containers.

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