Continued from Perceptionist Setup Part 1
Once linked to the Perceptionist Call Center System, the following information will need to be set up in your ISN.

  1. First you must have all your Inspection Types set up.Inspection Types Help Video:

  2. Set up your Fees (pricing)Fees Help Video:

  3. Set up Inspectors Online Scheduler AvailabilityCalendar Availability Help Article:

Now you are ready to set up your Online Scheduler. This will help Perceptionist see your services, availability and fees.

To learn more about the online scheduler click here:

You should be specific about your services.

For example:

Home Inspection

Condo Inspection

Townhome Inspection

Termite with Home Inspection $75

Termite - Stand Alone Service $100

Go to Settings -- Office Settings -- Online Scheduler (v2) Settings -- Services -- Add Service

Be sure to include a service name, public name and description. Match that service to your Inspection Type by using the drop down. Also add Inspectors and add a fee. Don't forget to Add (save).

After you have all your services created, you can test it out by going to "Preview" tab.

When you are satisfied with your fees please email Perceptionist at and let them know your ISN is ready.

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