Mass Email Recipient Lists

This article shows you how to download the various lists from mass emails.

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When you send a mass email, there will be clients or agents that do not have email addresses, unsubscribe from the emails, or have invalid email addresses. We keep lists of everyone who has been a recipient of a mass email, who the mass email was sent to, who read it, who haven't, and which emails bounced. You can easily access and download these from within your ISN!

To download the list of recipients for a mass email that has been sent out:

1. Go to Email > My Mass Emails.

2. Click on Details for the mass email you are trying to download a list for.
(If you want to download a list of all the Unsubscribed Agents or Unsubscribed Clients, you can click the blue buttons at the top of this page.)

3. Click on one of the lists at the bottom of the details page.

The list options are as follows:
All -- Download the original list of recipients for this mass email.
Sent -- List of all recipients that have been sent the mass email. This only includes recipients that have had the email delivered to them.
Read/Unread -- All recipients that have read or not read the email.
Bounced -- List of all email addresses/recipients that have been sent the mass email, but have not been able to receive it on their end. This is usually because of their email provider.
Unable to Send -- All recipients that have an invalid email address, or lack one.
All Unsubscribed Agents -- All buyer's/seller's agents that have clicked the unsubscribe link in the email.
All Unsubscribed Clients -- All clients that have clicked the unsubscribe link in the email.

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