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On Hold Emails

Why Some Emails Get Placed ON HOLD

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If you use ISN long enough you will eventually run into an experience where ISN places an email event ON HOLD.  A common question we get is why?!?  It is a great question.  Here is why:

The Email Event system is designed to always protect you, the company owner / inspector.  We always want to send emails when they are valid and if we ever get confused we never send an email, we place it ON HOLD so you can review it.

Before we discuss why we need to look at one thing.  We call it the window of sending.  This is a one hour window when an email should send.  For example, a 24 hour reminder email for Thursday at 2PM should send at 2PM on Wednesday (24 hours before).  The window of sending for that email is Wednesday from 2PM to 3PM.

Now that you are armed with that information...

Here are some of our rules which cause an email to be placed into ON HOLD:

  • Orders placed in the past - if you book an order in the past (e.g. you schedule an inspection for last Monday) all of the email events will be placed on hold involving the scheduling/creation timing.

  • Email Events in the past - if an email events window of sending is in the past when it was schedule.  (e.g. if you schedule an inspection for later today, the 24 hour reminder is not valid)

  • Tight Schedule - if an agent calls you and needs an inspection right now and you can do it and the it gets added to ISN.  A lot of the email events will be outside of their sending window.  Thus, they will be placed on hold.

The reasons above are just some of the protection we have placed into the automated system.  The goal is to never have ISN send an email (on your behalf) which would make someone think "why did they send this?"

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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