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6/11/24 Updates
Written by Lindsay Grimm
Updated over a week ago


We continue to show the beta version of our new Smart Scheduling feature to interested customers. It is an algorithm that recommends inspectors based on their availability, their travel time/distance to the property address (based on home address, office address or the previous inspection address that day), their ability to perform the services on the order, and whether or not they are a preferred inspector for the agent on the order. Currently, the beta is invite-only; please email if you are interested in trying it out! Updates we made in this release:

  • Fixed an issue with how we were calculating an inspectors' availability within the widget

  • Fixed an issue with the way we display the tooltip for the feature


Fixed an issue where the Order Info Request was not allowing data entry on the page linked in the email sent to the Contact.

Fixed an issue where an end date was being added to Payroll entries when modified.

Fixed an issue that was recording an inspection report as being "viewed" when an ISN employee viewed it.

Fixed an issue where the notification to clients about an unscheduled order was not sending.

Fixed an issue where - upon new account creation - we were not creating the new user for the account as well.

Fixed an issue where we were auto-enabling the checkbox to send new Contacts SMS messages. That checkbox is now unselected by default.

FlexFund-related fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing a customer from signing a FlexFund agreement during the process of signing and paying for an agreement.

  • Fixed an issue with the way we are displaying newly-ordered inspections with FlexFund transactions on the back end.

  • Fixed an issue where inspections with FlexFund were being marked as paid before they had been signed.

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