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Enhance Market Understanding with Survey Monkey Integration in ISN
Enhance Market Understanding with Survey Monkey Integration in ISN
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In today's competitive landscape, understanding your market is crucial for success. That's why at ISN, we're excited to explain our integration with SurveyMonkey, a powerful tool for gathering valuable insights from your audience.

With SurveyMonkey, you can gain a deeper understanding and feedback from your target market. Whether it's customer satisfaction surveys, market research, or product feedback, SurveyMonkey offers the flexibility and functionality needed to gather actionable data.

We've empowered you with the flexibility to include your SurveyMonkey URLs or links directly within our Email and SMS templates within ISN.

Each order generates a unique SurveyMonkey URL, ensuring that your feedback collection process is tailored to each specific interaction. Setting up your SurveyMonkey URL template within ISN is simple. Just head over to Settings > Office Settings > Working with Other Apps > SurveyMonkey, and you're all set. From there, you'll find a settings screen that will allow you to customize the URL template.

Here is a breakdown of the options available to you

(Click on the image below to enlarge it in a new tab)

  1. This part displays the replacement values ready for use in email events and SMS events. These replacement values can be used once you've finished setting up your URL template.

  2. In this section, you'll enter the URL-based design you received directly from Survey Monkey. You'll customize that base URL to include replacement values from the dropdown menu below, ensuring that each URL is unique to each ISN Order/client.

  3. This dropdown menu lists the available replacement values for inclusion in the Survey Monkey base URL.

  4. This provides an example of how the URL template will appear once designed.

For help designing your Survey Monkey base URL please visit

By setting up the URL design, the system will create a unique URL for each order. These URLs can then be included in SMS events or Email Events using the four replacement values previously described in point 1:

  • %survey-monkey%

  • %survey-monkey-url%

  • %survey-monkey-short-url%

  • %survey-monkey-link%

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