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Sending the Real Estate Professional Dashboard in a Mass Email to Your Agents
Sending the Real Estate Professional Dashboard in a Mass Email to Your Agents
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This article combines two of ISN's more powerful features to help get your ISN Mobile App on the phones of your agents. The following steps will show you how to use one of our pre-built email templates to send every single one of your agents their individual Real Estate Professional Dashboard (RED) link with the Mass Mail feature of ISN.

Note: Mass Emails in ISN require that you have your own domain hosted email address, instead of a free email service like gmail, yahoo, or hotmail. For more information on this, click here.

Mass Emailing the RED to Agents:

1. Go to Email -- Get Templates and Containers

Click Copy to this ISN next to the template 'Real Estate Professional Dashboard Notification' (You can also hit View to preview the template here)

Hit 'Okay' in the confirmation popup to move that template to your ISN.

You'll be redirected to your list of email templates where you can modify the 'Real Estate Professional Dashboard' template, if you'd like.

Go to  Email -- My Mass Emails and click Add Mass Mail.

Name your mass email like normal (this is an internal name, so your recipients won't see it).

Select to send to All Agents (or whichever group of agents you'd like)

Tell it to use the 'Real Estate Professional Dashboard' template for the mass email.

Check off the necessary acknowledgement boxes (our stock template comes with the unsubscribe and office address replacement values, so you don't have to add them yourself)

Hit Add Mass Email

Mass email requests are typically handled within 1 business day and you'll receive a notification once it's approved to go out!

If you want to send the Real Estate Dashboard link t a specific agent, follow the next steps:

Go to Clients / Agents --> Agents --> Agents:

Search for the Agent that you would like to send the RED link to and click on the Edit (pencil) icon:

If you scroll down to the Dashboard URL section you can copy the link and send it via email to the inspector, or you can use the "Send URL via SMS" option:

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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