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SMS Events for Radon Appointments
SMS Events for Radon Appointments

You will learn how to enable SMS events for Radon drop offs and pick-ups and customize them to fit your company's operation.

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For this article, we will assume you have already enabled the Radon system on your ISN account, if you have not please follow this article here.

We'll first need to enable the SMS events for Radon as they are special events within ISN and can't be created like any other SMS event. Go to Settings--Office settings--Inspection and Fee settings--Radon Settings:

Scroll down and click on the "Add Radon SMS Events" button mid-way through that page, this will add 2 new SMS events to your events page that will be only customizable for Radon appointments.

Important note: If you ever delete one of the two Radon SMS events you can always go back to this page and click the button again. The system will automatically add the missing event(s).

Let's edit the events to fit your company's operation, go to SMS--SMS events, and look for the new events named "Radon: Pick-up" and "Radon: Drop-off", they might be on the second page depending on how many SMS events you have.

You will notice that they are already set to send 1 hour before the pick-up and drop-off times respectively, they are also set to send to the person assigned to the order's Radon appointments. You can edit them further using the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the event.

When you go to edit them you will not have as many customization options as you have for regular SMS events since these are meant for Radon appointments only. These are the first fields you'll see:

  1. Name of this SMS event: You can enter a different name if needed, the name is only used internally.

  2. These two options are hardcoded the "drop-off" event will look at the drop-off date and time while the pick-up one will look at the pick-up date and time. Both events are set to be sent to the Radon person responsible for the appointments.

  3. This is where you can customize the content of the event, it already has verbiage and a couple of replacement values with important info for the person responsible but you can customize it as long as you do not go over the character limit. The drop-down at the bottom will let you add more replacement values. Note: the replacement value %radon-contact-name% does not work for these events so you will not be able to share the contact for the appointment with the person responsible through the SMS message but they will still be able to see who the contact for the appointment is when looking at the order info.

  4. This is when you can change when to send the SMS message, we recommend not changing the "before" drop-down, if it's changed to "after" then the SMS message will send "x" amount of time after the radon appointment.

The options at the bottom can be left unchanged as these events will only be sent whenever a Radon appointment is added to the inspection order. Remember to save your changes by clicking the "Update SMS Event" green button.

Now that you have your Radon SMS events set to your liking, we can see how they'll look when an order is created and includes Radon appointments. When you create the Radon appointments you will set the person responsible for drop-off and pick-up:

Notice that this is the step in which you will select if the appointment is an equipment drop-off or pick-up. For this example, we will be setting the equipment at the time of the inspection and picking it up a couple of days after the inspection:

When I go look at the SMS events on that inspection after it has been scheduled I can see the new Radon events ready to send 1 hour before each of the appointments:

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, or you can email us at or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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