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Client, Agent and Inspection Legacy Data Examples
Client, Agent and Inspection Legacy Data Examples

Format example files for importing client, agent, and inspection data

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When you get started with the Inspection Support Network it is really easy if all of your clients and agents are already loaded into the system. This process can really be accelerated if your information is in a clean and detailed format. We require that your agent and client lists to be in either Microsoft Excel or in CSV (Comma Separated Values). Additionally, the ISN is very granular (i.e. we store client and agent names as first name and last name, address line 1 and address line 2 as an example). Some organizations and software clump information into fields like "name" and "address." The ISN uses very detailed field names to put you in the best place long term with your information. This allows you to do great things like author email templates that include just a person’s first name or maybe the city they are located in.

If your information coming to us in these 'bulk' fields it really slows down our process of adding them into your ISN because we either (a) must hand edit your agent and client lists or (b) write a special program to help translate your lists to a usable format. If you are just getting started with the ISN and are curious... how do I format my lists; - here is how:

We really need the most detailed information you have, and the follow are examples of how the data needs to be formatted:

When your data is properly formatted, please send it to us at or attach it to a support chat so we can upload it for you!

We take the process of adding your lists to the ISN as upmost importance. We do not just "slam" them in and tell you thumbs up. We make every attempt to meticulously go through the lists to make sure they are perfect. In our "geek world" there is a saying "garbage in, garbage out" - so we make sure your lists are perfect before we add them. If you can help us by providing us the cleanest data possible we'll thank you for it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, or you can email us at or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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