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Multiple Clients - How to send Invoices
Multiple Clients - How to send Invoices

We'll go through the invoice system for an inspection when more than one client is added to an order

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When it comes to sending an invoice on an inspection that has more than one client not a lot changes, you will just have more options to send the invoice to.

You can send an invoice from the inspection grid or the order view page by clicking under Action--Invoice:

Both options will bring you to the same window where you can select the Invoice template you want to send, (1) when the invoice is due, who the payor is, (2) who to send it to, and the option to send it through email or SMS (3).

Important note: If you select the client as the payor of the invoice ISN will grab the primary client's information to populate the payor information box, regardless of which client is selected to receive the invoice.

When selecting the recipient for the invoice through email, you will be able to select from all the clients who have a valid email address that are added to the order by clicking the "+" icon on the right:

You can select more than one recipient by clicking each client you want, clicking more than one client will add their email address to that field. Remember that you can do the same for the CC: and BCC: fields underneath.

For SMS delivery you will also be able to choose from all clients that have a mobile number added to their profile, you can also pick and choose more than one:

Reminder: You can select one or more client's email addresses as well as one or more mobile numbers in a single go and ISN will send individual emails to all recipients as well as individual SMSs to all recipients selected for ease of use, you will be presented with this message as soon as all have been sent:

Once you have sent invoices either through email or SMS, we will keep track of them on the "Sent Invoices" tab. From here you can view the invoice using the blue "i" icon, as well as revoke or restore access for specific invoices sent. Keep in mind that if you sent emails and/or SMS together the link for all of them will be grouped, so if you decide to revoke/restore access you will not be able to revoke/restore access for a single recipient who's included in that "group":

Under Email recipients and SMS recipients, you will be able to determine which invoice was sent to multiple recipients.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 700-8112, or you can email us at or open a chat in the upper right corner of your ISN!

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