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Multiple Clients
Adding Multiple Clients to an Order
Adding Multiple Clients to an Order
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When scheduling an order using the Order Form you can add up to 5 clients.

Each client profile will have the same features as one single client profile has; like receiving automated communication from the Emailing and SMS system, opening the Agreement and Payment links, and accessing the Invoice and Inspection Report.

Before adding more than one client to the order you have to Add a new client or Search for an existing one by clicking on "Add Client":

Once you have filled in and saved the Client information, you will see the same "Add Client" option which will allow you to add another client profile:

The "Add Client" option will appear every time you create a client profile in the order.

Viewing the Clients

Review tab in the Order Form:

In the Review tab, the clients will be numbered and concentrated in the Client section displaying each contact details:

Order View:

The Order View will display the list of clients involved in the Order with their contact information, notes, and labels (if included):

Scheduled and Unscheduled inspections list:

In the Scheduled and Unscheduled Inspection lists, only the primary client will be displayed in the Client column (this is to save space):

Choosing the Primary Client

By default, the system will define the first profile added as the Primary Client. If you want to change the primary client, click on the button "Set as Primary Client" located at the far right side of the client's profile:

What his button does is that it moves the new Primary Client information to the top of the Client list (click on the image to zoom in):

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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