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Smarty - Creating order controls to opt out of services on an Inspection
Smarty - Creating order controls to opt out of services on an Inspection

This article will help implement simple logic to display service opt-outs on your agreement before the client signs them

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Important disclaimer: for this article to be successful and for the Smarty Logic to work on your agreement you will need to follow the steps and naming conventions for everything we go through on this article exactly like we present it here. Any changes to names, characters, or extra spaces will result in the logic not functioning properly and could even break your agreement to the point that no client can sign it.
If you encounter any error messages, please contact support.

Control Creation

The first thing we will need is to create a new section on the order form to house the opt-out controls you'll use to mark if a service has been declined by the client. For that follow this path: Settings -- Office Settings and under the heading: Inspection and Fee Settings click on Customize Order Form.

From there click on the green "Add Section" button on the upper left-hand side of the screen:

You'll want to enter "Opt Out Services" under the "Name" and "Description" fields, then click the "Save" button at the bottom:

You will be taken back to the previous screen while a "Success" message should appear at the top of the table, the section you just created can be found at the bottom of the page. If you wish to rearrange the sections you can do so by clicking and dragging the "hamburger" lines on the far left for each section:

Now that we are done with the new Section, we need to add new controls in the form of "checkboxes". This will allow you to check these on each inspection so your agreement is updated and shows the services that have been opted out. Either click on the pencil icon or the blue "add one now!" buttons next to the section we just created:

Your next step will be to Add a Control.

Use the "Type" drop-down to select the "Checkbox" control we need to create and then name it Opt out of "service name". In our example, we will create one named "Opt out of Termite Inspection". Make sure you copy the same name into the rest of the fields there.

Don't forget to click on Add Control

You will need to repeat these steps for each service you want the opt-out disclaimer to appear for. We created 3 but feel free to add as many as you need, just make sure you follow the same name convention:

"Opt out of (service name)"

We are all done with the controls, we will now move to work on the agreement you want these disclaimers to appear on. Just take note of the highlighted section as we will need these replacement values, you can always come back to this section:

This is how your new checkboxes will appear when creating or editing an order, the arrangement may change if you decide to move the section before or after any other section:

Important note: these checkboxes are not to replace your regular service checkboxes as those may add new agreements to your inspection or trigger different SMS or email events on the inspection in ISN. The ones we've added have one single purpose and that is to add the special disclaimer to your agreement and nothing else.

Agreement Implementation

Again, make sure you follow these next steps to a t and avoid problems with your agreement.

You need to follow this path to get to your agreement: Settings -- Office Settings and under the heading: Inspection and Fee Settings click on Agreements.

Then click on the "Edit" button next to the agreement you want these disclaimers on:

You will be presented with a view similar to this one, we will be working within the text editor mostly:

The first thing we need to do is to enable the Smarty logic on your agreement by adding this replacement value at the very top of the text editor before your actual agreement starts. No need to worry, this line will not be visible when your client goes to sign the agreement:


For this next part, you do have the option to place this wherever you would want the disclaimers to populate. It is up to you where you place them just make sure you use the exact characters we use as this can introduce a multitude of issues if done incorrectly.

We will put ours at the end of the agreement before the signature table as an example but feel free to choose where you want yours.

There are some parts where you can choose the exact verbiage or wording and we'll let you know when you have to stick to the exact characters for the logic to work as it should. Here is our example and what can you change to your liking and what you can't:

Here is the breakdown of what you can and can't change:

  • The section with Red borders can be customized to your liking, you can word them as you wish. This is just an example and we do not recommend using them before consulting with your lawyer or legal team to make sure they stick to state or local regulations.
    In our case, the Red border on top will always show on your agreement as it is outside of the Smarty logic which is enclosed in a green border. The second and third Red borders are being used to display if the service has been opted out and to include some verbiage of why you recommend the service or what can your client expect from it.

  • The sections with Green borders are the ones you can't change and will have to use the replacement values we talked about after creating the checkbox controls in the first part of this article. Make sure you use the exact characters shown here except for when we tell you to use the replacement values from your ISN for it to work as it should, if you encounter any issues please contact support.

    • The first one is the opening statement for the Smarty logic and goes as follows (make sure you are using the exact convention for it to work properly):

      {if "%orderinfo-opt-out-of-termite-inspection%"|strstr:"Yes"}

      We made sure to bold out the replacement value from our service, make sure you go back to the control section and copy the corresponding replacement value from the ones you created, and make sure it also matches the service you are referencing (in our case we are using the "Termite" one as our text talks about the terminate one). You can simply click the replacement value to copy it including the "%"s.

      Feel free to copy the statement at the top and just replace the replacement value from your checkbox making sure you do not add any extra spaces.
      For clarity, here are the spaces used in that statement. We used an underscore instead for visibility make sure you use a space instead:


    • The second Green border is used to populate a "Yes" where the replacement value is added, you will be using the same replacement value you used on the opening statement. For our example, we are still using the "Termite one" so ours is %orderinfo-opt-out-of-termite-inspection% make sure you copy the same one as you used before to maintain consistency on your logic statements.

    • The last Green border is used as a closing to our logic statement and will be the same for every service you create this for:


  • The Blue border section indicates the verbiage that will be added to the agreement when the checkbox matching that service is checked on the order form. Important note: for the text to appear on the agreement the service checkbox will need to be checked before the client signs the agreement, Once the agreement is signed it will be locked to what the order had at the time of signing, if the checkbox was not checked beforehand, the section will not be added to the agreement. You can always delete the agreement's signature, check any box needed, and then have your client sign the agreement again.

  • The lines marked with the Red Arrow will never be added to your agreement, These are only visible to you when editing the agreement so no need to worry about how will they look for your client.

Do not forget to click the "Save Agreement" button at the bottom after you are done adding the logic and verbiage on your agreement

That should do it, it sounds very involved but as long as follow along you should be set. Make sure you repeat these steps for every service you want to present the opt-out verbiage for and make sure that you use the corresponding replacement value for the service opt-out you are using.

How to use these checkboxes and what will the client see

There will be 2 scenarios for each of the checkboxes/Smarty logic you created, this is how those two will look:

  1. The checkbox is not checked on the order form while editing the inspection:

    So the verbiage will not be added to the agreement, it will only add the extra line we added before the Smarty logic:

  2. The checkbox is checked before the agreement is signed:

    The verbiage is added to the agreement, we used some custom text but as we discussed you can use your own:

This works even when multiple checkboxes are checked as long as the logic for each one has been implemented correctly. In red we have our Termite verbiage, green for Mold, and blue for Sewer scope:

You can add as many as you need. You just need to make sure you are using the appropriate syntax and the correct replacement value that corresponds to the service opt-out.

Need more help?

If you have any questions about this process please let us know! You can reach us by chat, email at, or phone at (800) 700-8112.

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