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Cloudinspect Reports Page
Cloudinspect Reports Page

Running, editing or filtering reports in Cloudinspect

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CloudInspect Reports Page

This page is useful to get a picture of your recent reports, dating back up to 6 months ago, and gives you the ability to view, edit, delete, and perform other actions on each report.

The actions you can perform on any one report on this page are as follows:

  1. Edit, this will load the report editor and allow you to make changes to this specific report

  2. View, this will load the report at the inspection level, allowing you to start new reports and view inspection details

  3. More (dropdown)

    1. Copy, this will let you duplicate the report to any inspection

    2. Move, this will let you move the report from this inspection to another one

    3. Change Inspectors & Name, this will let you update these specific details for this report

    4. Delete, this will remove the report. It can be restored at a later time by viewing the inspection

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