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Remarks are permanently stored, highly reusable comments for use when writing reports. You can create, edit, and delete them in the Remark Library (found in the main menu):

On the left are the Remark Tags, categories used to organize your library.

On the right are the remarks themselves. Only remarks tagged under the chosen tags will display here. You can select "All Tags" to show all remarks. If you unselect all tags, you will see remarks which haven't been tagged yet.

To add a remark, click the "Add" button:

To delete a remark, click the trash can button:

To edit remark content, click the pencil icon underneath the text:

The columns of the remarks table are as follows:

  1. Description. This field is used for keywords or a very short version of the remark. It can then be used to find remarks. You can also use it to sort your remarks using your own custom system for sort, such as by an alphanumeric sequence.

  2. Remark: This field holds the primary content for the remark. You can tag remarks here by clicking on "Assign Tags."

  3. Summary: This field holds the summary content for the remark. If there is content here, and the remark is assigned to summary types (click "Assign Summaries") the remark will be automatically added to the summary of the report you are working in. If you leave it blank, it will use the primary content of the remark.

  4. Pop.: This is the popularity of the remark. It is a count of how much it has been used. This can be helpful for sorting to show you the most used remarks.

  5. Last Modified: This displays the date, time, and user of who last modified the remark.

Remarks can have dropdowns within them. To add a dropdown, simply use the following format:
[option 1; option 2; option 3]

Where a left bracket [ opens the dropdowns and a right bracket closes ]. Separate items with semi-colons.

Using Remarks in a Report

Your entire Remark Library will be accessible when working on reports. You can access remarks from a report in two ways:

1. They can be searched for using the Search box:

2. They can be directly accessed using the Remark Library button:

(1) This remark will be automatically added to the summary of the report, under "Maintenance", when added.
(2) This remark will not be automatically added to the summary and will be a body-only remark.

Once your remarks have been added to a specific subsection, you can use the two tabs "Remark" (may be called "Body" depending on the version of CloudInspect) and "Summary" to update the content and assign it to different summary types. You can also use the dropdown next to "New" to change how the remarks will print:

Adding Photos

Most remarks can have photos inserted into them to further describe the problem:

You can also drag photos already uploaded from the right side into the remark:

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