Summary Types

Learn what Summary Types are and how they operate

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Summary Types are categories, similar to Remark Tags. They are used to organize your summary and provide the level of significance of the issue being described.

With sufficient privilege, you can edit the list of summary types by going to Manage --> Office, then click on the Summary Types tab:

Here, you can add (green button at the top), delete (red trash can button to the right), and edit (pencil button) the summary types.

Whenever you start a new report, it will reference this list and use the latest changes from here.

You can assign summary types to your remarks in the Remark Library. Navigate to the library, then locate the remark you want to assign summary types to. Click on "Assign Summaries" and check the categories you want:

Once done, hit save. When the remark is next used in a report, it will be automatically added to the report summary under the categories you chose.

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