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Associating Remarks to Sections
Associating Remarks to Sections

Learn how to make it so sections are related to remark tags

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There are two components that can relate to each other:

  1. Remark Tags

  2. Sections / Subsections

Remark Tags are essentially categories which can help organize your remark library. Sections and subsections are hierarchical pieces of your template.

Generally speaking, you will want a remark tag for each section/subsection in your templates. This way, things line up. For example you will have an "Exterior" section, with "doors" and "windows" as subsections within it. You will want to have a remark tag called "Exterior" with two child tags for "doors" and "windows." The system will automatically relate these since the names are identical.

If you have a mismatch between section/subsection name and remark tag you can still have associations, but they must be manually created like this:

  1. Edit the templates in question

  2. Locate the Section and Subsection needing association to remark tags

  3. Click on the "Library" button:

Open the library is open, proceed to check the tags on the left side that you want automatically associated in your reports. If there are remarks categorized under these tags, they will be available immediately and searchable.

Close the library popup, then save the template. All future reports will inherit this new association and make finding the remarks you need less frustrating.

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