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Editing Reports

Learn how to use the report editor

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The report is a major focal point of CloudInspect. It is where you enter information about the inspection and it is returned to you, your client, and your agent in PDF format.

The primary components of the report editor are as follows:

  1. The toolbar

  2. The address, date/time, template, and if used -- the filter

  3. The section list and navigation

  4. The center report content, which contains the currently active section, subsections, controls, and remarks

  5. The property photo

  6. The list of photos

The Toolbar

Go: Open a dropdown menu that will allow you to quickly navigate out of this report.
Summary: Open a popup and display the contents of your report summary
Clients: Open a popup and display the clients for this inspection
PDF: Generate a PDF to be downloaded into your browser
HTML: Generate HTML to be viewed in your browser
Complete: Submit the report to ISN
Edit: Enables further customization of subsections and controls
More: Open a dropdown menu to display further options, such as "Settings" and "Go offline"
Save: Immediately save unsaved changes to the cloud. This button will turn green when there are items to save.

The Section List

  1. Import: This allows you to bring into the report sections and pages from your templates. Use this for when you encounter something you did not prepare for when you started the report.

  2. New: This allows you to enter a blank section or page into the report.

  3. Filter: This allows you to hide certain types of items in the list. e.g. hide pages and completed sections.

  4. Sort: This allows you to sort your report based on the position of the same sections in your template. This is useful when you have things out of order and want to save time.

  5. Title Page / Summary Page: These are pages. Generally speaking they don't need to altered. But if needed, simply click to open one and make changes to it.

  6. Exterior - Incomplete section: This is a section that has not been marked completed.

  7. Roof - Complete section: This is a section that has been marked completed.

Report Content

  1. Section: Everything beneath this belongs within this section. Read more about sections here.

  2. Subsection: Everything within belongs to this subsection.

  3. Controls: The interactive components of the subsection. Read more about controls here.

  4. Photos: Subsection photos can be placed here (if applicable). Read more about photos here.

  5. Remarks: Comments you can pull from your library or enter brand new to complement the controls and provide further detail. Read more about remarks here.

The Photo List

  1. Add Photos

  2. Photo Options (sort, show, etc)

  3. Download Photos

  4. Property Photo

  5. Photo List

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