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One of the core parts of CloudInspect is the Control. Controls are one of two primary ways for you to describe conditions during the inspection. The other being remarks.

CI has multiple types of controls you can make use of, starting with the most basic and common controls:

  1. Checkbox

  2. Radio checkbox

  3. Textbox

  4. Textarea (large textbox)

  5. Dropdown

  6. Label

  7. Narrative

Continuing with more advanced controls:

  1. Date/Time

  2. Fill-in-label

  3. Linked input

  4. Item label list

Controls reside within a Subsection. The Subsection can be expanded and contracted to fit your control needs:

In the image above:

  1. This is a Checkbox Control with text "Asphalt Fiberglass Shingle" at position row 1, column 1

  2. "Different Colored Shingles" is another control which resides in row 2, column 3 of the Subsection

  3. This is an empty cell within the Subsection. You can quickly add controls to it by clicking on the "+" button

Generally speaking, controls will print in your report PDF in the same way you position them in the report editor. There can be exceptions to this, depending entirely on PDF customizations.

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