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Remark Tags

Learn about and how to use remark tags

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Remark Tags are categories used to organize your Remark Library.

Remark Tags can be a "parent tag" and have child tags under them.

To add a tag click on the "Add" button above the tag list.

To delete a tag, click on the trash can icon to the right.

To edit the tags, click the "Edit" button, next to the "Add" button.

To create a child tag, click "Add", and when prompted, select the parent it belongs to:

​Please note: We strongly recommend your remark tag list mirror that of your templates. This means your parent tags have names approximately like that of your sections, and the child tags have names approximately like that of your subsections. We suggest this because the system will automatically relate your sections/subsections to your parent/child tags, reducing the need to manually associate.

If you need to keep the names different, you will need to manually associate the tags. Associating the tags to your sections & subsections makes it so it displays remarks just from those tags, and not from the library as a whole. This reduces the total number of remarks you have to search through.

To manually associate, edit your templates:

Start with the top most section and work your way down. Under each subsection, click on "Remark Library":

[TODO: Show image of library button in section]

When the library is open, simply check the remark tags you wish this subsection to always use and close:

Henceforth, all reports you start using this template will use this remark tag when working in that subsection.

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