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Filters complement your templates. They are used to create preset lists of pages and sections for the type of report you need. For example, you may have a master template with 10 pages and 30 sections in it, but you only need 3 pages and 10 sections to do your Condo Inspection. You can create a filter to give you just that.

To start with adding filters, click on "Filters" in the main menu. Click on "Add Filter":

  1. Name the filter. In our example it is "Condo."

  2. Select the pages and sections you want.

  3. (optional) Click Sort to reorder things in a different position.

Click Save when done, now you have a filter ready for use.

How to use the filter

Filters are used when starting new reports. To start a new report, head to the Dashboard (main menu). Locate a current, upcoming, or another inspection (under All Inspections) then click on "Start Report":

Select the template, then select your filter:

Finally, click "Start Report" - the newly christened filter will be in effect, providing you with a list of pages and sections as you defined.

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