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Common Crashing Solutions
Common Crashing Solutions

Learn how to avoid app crashes

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CloudInspect is cloud-based software that runs in the web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet device. If you lose your internet connection, CloudInspect saves data in your browser itself so it can be loaded when you have a connection again.

This feature, while super helpful, can cause issues on some devices if you try to add lots of photos. We use the device's memory to store photos when you lose an internet connection and that ends up affecting the performance of the device if you add enough photographs.

Some devices handle data loads like this better than others, for example recent iPad Pro models, the iPhone 13, and the Android Galaxy A7 are known to handle larger photo data with less or no issues. Your experience may vary as there are multiple factors that can affect the device, possibly triggering a crash.

If you are dealing with crashes, we recommend you try the following:

  1. Clear your browser cache

  2. Minimize the number of other apps running, this will save on system memory

  3. If using Safari, try Chrome, and vice-versa

  4. Keep the number of tabs open at a minimum to save memory

  5. Test the various photo settings in CI to see if you get better results:

If you are still experiencing crashing, please email us ( or start a Live Chat. We'll be happy to offer more solutions.

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