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Learn how to start reports

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From your CloudInspect Dashboard find your inspection under the Today & Upcoming Inspections, Recently Worked Reports, or All Inspections.

Click on Start Report (you can also click View Reports if you need to edit a report that already exists for the order)

On the next screen you can select a Template, name your report, and hit Start Report (If you have other reports on this order you need to edit, you can do that here as well).

You’re ready to fill out your report! (If you're connected to the ISN, property and inspection information will auto-populate)

You can scroll through your report sections or click to select one on the left side.

Each section will contain controls you can use to fill out the report.

Each section also has a control near the bottom section and off to the right side for adding photos.

The last part of each section has a search field for using or adding new remarks to your report.

Once you’ve filled out every section you can click PDF or HTML to generate a readable version of your report.

If your CloudInspect is connected to your ISN account you can hit the Complete button to send the report to ISN.

If you want to save this report as-is and come back to it later you can simply hit Save and then navigate to another part of CloudInspect (using the top bar or the Go dropdown menu).

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